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Volunteers comprise the membership of the Conference.  Currently there are 17 Active Full and 14 Associate members.  Dues are not required however the members contribute funds on an as needed basis to cover operating cost and other expenses as they may arise.


The operating expenses are annually less than 2% of the total revenue the Conference receives.

Revenue sources are varied.  Most of the funds the Conference has at it disposal comes from these sources:

  • Annual yard sale.  Each May the Conference has a yard sale.  Items that are sold are donated by  St. Mary parishioners and others with a desire to help the needed of Wayne County. 

  • Monetary donations from the St. Mary parishioners.  This takes various forms but it includes a quarterly church collection specifically for SVDP, the poor box, and other monetary contributions from the church.

  • Breakfast donations.  Once a month, usually the first Sunday, from October to May the Conference provides a breakfast to anyone that comes to the cafeteria.  The breakfast is before and after the 10:00 am mass.  The Conference members buy the supplies for the breakfast and all donations are used to help those in need.

  • United Way of Wayne County (UWWC) Community Partnership grant.  

  • FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Grant that is managed by UWWC

  • After Hurricane Matthew the Conference received two grants from SSVDP USA Disaster Services.  Those funds were specifically designated for those directly affected by the storm.

  • UWWC Hurricane Matthew grants.  United Way also provided disaster funds that were designated for those affected by the storm.

  • Frequently, former SVDP members or their relatives will request that in lieu of flowers for a funeral that donations should be sent to the Conference.

Food Resources:  The Conference has a food pantry and provides non-perishable food items to those request it.  The sources of the food are:

  • St. Mary Parishioners including SVDP members

  • National Letter Carriers food drive.  The 2nd Saturday in May is the letter carriers food drive. The Conference has participated for a number of years.  The Vincentians work at the Berkley post office unloading food items from the mail trucks and then delivering it to three organizations to help feed those in need.

  • Any others that know about the ministry and want to help.

  • In 2018 the Conference participated in the fill the theater food drive which was organized by UWWC.

All the Vencentians donate their vehicle operating expense.

St. Mary Church personnel and the St. Mary School staff and students contribute to the success of Conference in various ways.

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