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St.Vincent de Paul (SVDP), St. Mary Conference, typically assist Wayne County, NC residents that are in need in two ways.  To the extent that resources are available SVDP may assist financially or with non-perishable food.  The Conference provides financial assistance one week each month.  It is typically the 3rd week of the month but can vary.

St. Vincent de Paul is unusual, if not unique, in that the volunteers will typically visit those in need in their home.  Please understand that the needs in Wayne County are great and due to limited resources SVDP is only able to assist 10% to 20% of those requesting assistance.


To begin the process of potentially getting assistance follow the steps below.


To request assistance:

  • call 919-922-4216 

  • Listen carefully to the message and provide the requested information, which will include at a minimum the following:

    • Your name

    • Your phone number

    • Your address

    • Your need, financial or food

      • If financial include the type of expense; i.e., rent, electric bill, water bill, etc.

      • If financial, state the amount you are requesting

      • If financial, give a brief, one sentence explanation as to why you need financial assistance.  If your are able to pay part of the bill include that information.

Calls requesting financial assistance are only considered during the one week of the month when a VOLUNTEER is available.  Request for food assistance are considered at all times.

SVDP Financial Assistance Guidelines and Process:

The guideline is to provide financial assistance no more frequently than once every twelve months.

The process is:

  • A volunteer listens to the message during the week SVDP is providing financial assistance.

  • The volunteer will consider the information you have provided

  • The volunteer will attempt to call you back to gather additional, more specific, information about your situation.

    • Your phone must accept calls from an unidentified number as the volunteers use their personal phones

    • Your phone mail box must be set up.  If you do not answer and you do not have a mail box the volunteer can not leave a message.

    • The volunteer will only attempt to call you two, or at the most three times.

  • If the volunteer think that SVDP can potentially assist you they will schedule a home visit.  During the home visit the volunteer will gather additional information and make the final decision as the whether SVDP will provide assistance.

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