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There are two basic types of memberships in The Society; Active Full and Associate.  There are other memberships but they are less common.

The criteria for an Active Full member are:

  • Catholic

  • Active in at least one Conference Activity

  • Regular attendance at the Conference meetings

Associate members are active in at least one Conference activity but typically do not attend meetings regularly.  They may or may not be Catholic.  They may be Catholic but may or may not attend St. Mary Church.

Anyone interested in growing spiritually is welcome to attend our meetings and to learn more about what SVDP does and to consider joining our Conference.


Conference meetings are a very important aspect of the member's spiritual growth.

As a result the Conference meets at least twice per month.  The meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.  They start at 6:00 pm, are usually at the St. Mary school, 1603 Edgerton Street, Goldsboro, and last about an hour.  

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